Charging Ahead with SMS PLC: Animation for an Electric Vehicle Charging Whitepaper
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Infusing Vibrancy into SMS PLC's Whitepaper Launch

Embarking on the project with SMS PLC, a renowned entity in the energy and carbon reduction sector, was about weaving innovation and engagement into their brand narrative. The task at hand was to develop dynamic visual assets that could amplify the reach and impact of their forthcoming whitepaper on Electric Vehicle Charging. It was about blending the gravity of the subject matter with an engaging and visually appealing narrative, fostering a wider and more engaging conversation on the important topic of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

● Goal

Developing Engaging Visual Assets to Complement the Whitepaper Launch

The objective was crystal clear: to create an animation and social media graphics that would not only enhance the appeal of the whitepaper but also facilitate a wider reach and engagement on social platforms. The animation was envisioned to be a succinct yet compelling visual representation of the whitepaper's core messages, bringing to life the nuances of electric vehicle charging in an engaging manner. Meanwhile, the social media graphics were to act as teasers, encouraging users to delve deeper into the whitepaper, thus fostering a rich and informed conversation on the platforms where SMS PLC's audience congregates.

● Result

A Successful Launch Amplified by Engaging Visual Assets

The collaboration blossomed into a successful campaign, with the created animation and social media graphics playing pivotal roles in the successful launch of the whitepaper. The animation served as an engaging precursor, offering viewers a visually rich and informative glimpse into the detailed insights housed within the whitepaper. Simultaneously, the social media graphics acted as catalysts, sparking curiosity and encouraging wider discussions on the platforms. This integrative approach not only augmented the whitepaper's reach but also helped to solidify SMS PLC's position as a thought leader in the energy and carbon reduction space, fostering enriched discussions and engagements around the pivotal topic of electric vehicle charging.

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