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A Fresh Look: A Glimpse of Motorsport UK's Year
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Motorsport UK
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Finding the Right Gear for Motorsport UK's Annual Report

When I took on the project of designing an annual report for Motorsport UK, I knew it was going to be a bit of a balancing act. The motorsport scene is all about excitement and speed, and I wanted to bring a bit of that zest into a usually formal and structured document. The challenge here was to create something fresh and lively, without losing sight of the core purpose of an annual report: to present vital information in a clear and professional manner.

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Bringing a Fresh Twist to the Traditional Annual Report

The goal was pretty straightforward: to shake things up a bit with the annual report, making it more vibrant and in tune with the dynamic world of motorsport. I created a document that not only clearly showcased important data but also reflected the passion and energy that Motorsport UK stands for.

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A Well-Received Blend of Info and Inspiration

The end product managed to strike a balance between form and function. By combining an energetic, visually appealing design with all the crucial details, the annual report successfully mirrored the excitement of the motorsport world whilst remaining a reliable source of information. Key stakeholders gave a highly positive response saying that the design offered "a beautifully designed yet insightful glimpse" into Motorsport UK's journey over the year.



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