Complete strategic rebrand to reposition as a multi-product, household brand
Bibado are an ambitious retail start-up who design innovative products to make parents' lives easier. They had big plans for growth and needed a full strategic rebrand to facilitate this.

Since implementing the new strategy and visual branding Bibado have gained increased media coverage and celebrity endorsements, and both sales and customer retention have dramatically increased.
My Role
Visual identity design, strategic brand positioning, brand guidelines, customer persona creation, competitor analysis, social media templates, retail packaging, eCommerce packaging, art direction
Photography: Sarah Lois Photography
Web Design: Giant Peach
Daniel Laxton
Managing Director, Bibado
Jas played a key role in growing Bibado from a very early stage into a much more established brand over a relatively short period of time. During this time, Jas carried out a total overhaul of our Visual Identity and brand communications, from logos and straplines to a full website rebuild and product packaging redesign. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jas, and would highly recommend her as a graphic designer and brand manager.

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