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Striking a New Chord: The Future Piano Brand Evolution
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Future Piano
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Future Piano
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Harmonizing Innovation and Tradition for Future Piano

Taking up the Future Piano project presented a vibrant yet intricate challenge. The venture was about more than just creating a new visual identity; it was about embodying the groundbreaking spirit of a brand that's reshaping the musical landscape. With their standing grand piano, a marvel of compact design without compromising the grandeur of sound, Future Piano was already pushing boundaries. The task at hand involved crafting a visual narrative that would resonate with their ethos of innovation, ensuring that their brand and website not only stood out in the crowded music industry but also echoed the finesse and quality of their revolutionary product.

● Goal

Crafting a Vibrant Identity and a Strategic Website to Amplify Funding Efforts

The goal was to develop an eye-catching brand identity and website that would act as a magnet for potential investors and enthusiasts alike. The branding needed to be as forward-thinking and innovative as the standing grand piano itself, encapsulating the freshness and modernity that Future Piano represents. Moreover, the website had to be designed in a manner that would seamlessly guide visitors towards supporting the project, helping Future Piano to secure the necessary funding to bring their ground-breaking concept from paper to reality.

● Result

A Resounding Success with Amplified Visibility and Funding

The outcome was nothing short of a crescendo of success. The newly minted visual identity effectively encapsulated the innovative spirit of Future Piano, striking a chord with a wide audience, including media houses like the BBC. Furthermore, the strategic website design played a pivotal role in their fundraising campaign, helping them to not only meet but surpass their funding goal with a whopping £40,000. This influx of support has enabled Future Piano to collaborate with leading experts from diverse fields such as aerospace engineering and human-centred innovation to craft a prototype that promises to redefine the musical experience in contemporary spaces.



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