Future Piano

A fresh look for musical innovation
Future Piano are leading the way in musical innovation. They have designed a Standing Grand which is light (82kg) and compact enough to bring the fullness of a grand piano’s sound into modern homes, practise rooms and small venues. They needed a visual identity that would make hem stand out in the music industry and a website design to help them achieve their funding goals.

Their eye-catching branding and website helped Future Piano to secure over £40,000 in funding to build a prototype with help from leading experts in aerospace engineering, piano building, musical equipment and human centred innovation. They have also attracted celebrity attention and been featured on the BBC and other media channels.
My Role
Visual identity design, strategic brand positioning, website design
Piano Imagery: Keechdesign
Sarah Nicolls
Director, Future Piano Ltd.
Jasmine’s work is of a really excellent standard. She brings high quality design into a meaningful relationship with the company aims. She digs down into what we are trying to do with a product, taking time to research and listen, even suggesting broader ways for a company to gather information about possible end users. Her branding enabled us to show a really professional image to our investors and helped us to gain £40,000 of crowdfunding in one campaign, having never publicly fund-raised before.

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