Catalysing Engagement: A Creative Revamp of Cardiff Metropolitan University's Digital Outreach
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Cardiff Metropolitan University
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Balancing Creativity within Existing Brand Guidelines

The mission was clear yet intricate - to craft social media graphics that would not only encapsulate the spirit of various events and announcements but would also resonate deeply with the students, inviting them to engage more actively. The challenge lay in navigating the established brand guidelines of the University, crafting visuals that would echo the esteemed Cardiff Metropolitan University's ethos while bringing a fresh, engaging spin to the table, enhancing its digital appeal to garner more event sign-ups.

● Goal

Crafting Engaging Social Media Graphics to Foster Student Engagement

The vision was to foster a rich engagement landscape where students felt seen and heard. The goal was to craft assets that could seamlessly blend into the existing brand narrative while adding a splash of innovation and excitement, enticing students to dive deeper into the events and announcements the University had to offer, turning passive observers into active participants.

● Result

A Harmonious Blend of Cohesion and Creativity Amplifying Student Engagement

The designs not only adhered to the existing brand guidelines but also brought a fresh wave of creativity that resonated with the students, resulting in increased engagement and sign-ups. Many successful campaigns and graphics marked a successful stride in Cardiff Metropolitan University's digital engagement journey.



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