Wave of Innovation: Forbidden's Brand Asset Transformation
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Elevating Forbidden's Brand Narration with a Unique Pitch Deck

When I embarked on the project with Forbidden, a HubSpot marketing agency, the mandate was clear yet demanding: to reinvent their pitch deck in a manner that not only reflects their new identity but also echoes their core brand values strongly. This was not just about adding a professional touch to their presentation; it was about crafting a narrative that could vividly depict Forbidden's innovative spirit and uniqueness. Utilizing AI image generation was an exciting avenue to explore, promising a fresh and modern canvas to paint Forbidden's renewed brand story.

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Crafting a Visually Arresting and Professional Pitch Deck

The objective was multifaceted. On one hand, it was about developing a pitch deck that mirrored the sophistication and professionalism that Forbidden aspires to embody, especially with their new branding. On the other, it was about ensuring that this deck would serve as a potent tool in distinguishing Forbidden in the crowded market landscape. The unique particle wave images generated through AI were envisioned as a harmonious blend of art and technology, a visual representation of Forbidden's commitment to innovation and excellence, helping them to stand apart and resonate with their audience more strongly.

● Result

A Pitch Deck That Resonates with Innovation and Professionalism

The fruition of this collaboration saw the emergence of a pitch deck that was not only visually captivating but also deeply aligned with Forbidden's brand ethos. The innovative use of AI-generated particle wave images not only added a unique dimension to the pitch deck but also vividly brought to life the essence of Forbidden's brand values. This new asset didn't just announce their new name and branding but did so with a flair that showcased their commitment to professionalism and innovation. It served as a distinctive beacon, helping Forbidden to carve out a niche and stand tall with a presentation tool that was as groundbreaking as their approach to marketing.

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