Vale Venetian

Luxurious visual branding to stand out from the crowd
South Wales based artisan plastering company, Vale Venetian, approached me needing a new visual identity. Vale Venetian's surface design work is all bespoke and creates a real 'wow factor'. Their visual identity was designed to reflect this.

Since launching their new visual identity Vale Venetian have drawn significantly more attention to their brand and continue to go from strength to strength, having recently been named as the industry leaders for surface design in Wales.
My Role
Visual identity design, social media templates, web design, photography direction
Photography by Alex Sedgmond
Steve Forbes-Simpson
Owner, Vale Venetian
The branding still looks fresh and stylish! A few people have mentioned how good the branding is especially since we had the van wrapped... it certainly gets people's attention. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jas to anyone in the future.

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